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Welcome to Karawatha Park

At Karawatha Park, we have a simple mission:
1. To ensure you raise profitable sheep
2. To experience low maintenance sheep production
3. To help you enjoy the process

We want you to experience satisfaction from seeing your animals grazing contentedly in your paddock, knowing they are:
* Growing wool
* Growing meat
* And doing this as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We exist to help you build a flock of fast growing, heavy cutting animals with a high value fleece, creating a productive operation.

When high fertility and excellent maternal instinct are added, you are well on the way, because we know more lambs weaned drives more profit for you.

We want to help you focus on long term success, where each of your hectares is as profitable and sustainable as it can be. Your sheep must justify their position in the business, and show continued improvement in profitability over time, no different to any other enterprise that could occupy the land in question.

Execution of sustainable and continual improvement is imperative for the success of your enterprise, and sheep are no different. With profit driving variables such as weather and market pricing out of your control, we believe it is imperative to control what you can.

This is where we can help you.

The genetic makeup of your sheep is something you can have complete control over, and thus can be leveraged to your benefit.

Along with careful in-flock selection, you are heavily reliant on the suppliers of your seed-stock to achieve good rates of genetic gain.

At Karawatha Park, we understand this responsibility.We aim to provide you with the continual improvement that your business requires.

To book a time to see how we can help you, please call Bert (0427274030) or Dion (0427323583), or email us at admin@karawathapark.com.au